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September - October 2009

Gallery open during exhibitions: Wed - Sun, 11 - 5


In the North Gallery

5 Sept – 11 Oct 2009

Preview: Fri 4 Sept 6 – 8 pm

Floor Plan explores buildings, architecture, and the physical, aesthetic, and psychological interactions between these structures, their inhabitants, and the surrounding communities.

Louise Bristow makes gouache paintings based on arrangements of objects that are reminiscent of stage sets. She combines photographs and found images, three-dimensional models of real or imagined buildings, and architectural details to create paintings that suggest an illusive narrative. She is inspired by everyday things and how they can embody larger ideas: graffiti on a street wall expresses one person's political dissent, whereas the design and imagery of a tiny postage stamp can encapsulate an entire nation's ruling ideology.

Peter Bobby’s photographs present us with carefully constructed, luminous images that intentionally tread a fine line between, art, architectural photography and corporate image making. These architectural settings often play upon and raise interesting questions around notions of power, fantasy, illusion, theatre, performance and visual seduction. The ‘Gallery’ series looks specifically at contemporary commercial gallery spaces and questions their relationship with established notions of the ‘White Cube’ as a timeless and neutral space for the contemplation of art.

Rosalind Davis presents us with complex and dystopian landscapes which carry a romantic and melancholy undercurrent. Utilising painting, collage and embroidery, she seeks out structures in areas of social deprivation that may initially seem hostile or neglected, yet which serve a vital function to the individuals and groups connected to them. In addressing these often overlooked pockets of the urban landscape, she discovers the fragility and tenderness underlying the city’s façade, and creates portraits of buildings which reflect their more human aspects.

Artist Rowena Easton and writer Mark C Hewitt revisit architecture through an improbable doorway in the middle of the night. Drawing upon an ever expanding archive of people’s dreams, this collaborative duo explores human relations with the built environment, using the building as a symbol of the body and self. The installation presents us with ‘sprawling dream texts, lost objects, suspect interventions, misleading indicators, intimations of the labyrinth, and recollections of the uncanny.’

Jane Ward’s meticulously constructed works employ digital photographs which have been repeatedly broken down and collaged, creating images of imaginary, fragmentary, and transient landscapes. Printed onto canvas, the ink is dissolved and manipulated by hand, leaving traces of earlier forms and injecting the works with a sense of memory and the passage of time. These cityscapes, villages, rural and industrial settings are both familiar and disturbing as they allude to the cycles of destruction and regeneration witnessed in our everyday surroundings.

Rich White draws upon the unique history of Wellesley House, the building now occupied by Phoenix Brighton. Inspired by the story of 89 year old Harriet Sylvester, who occupied a house previously situated on the site, the artist resurrects the memory of this notable occupant in an architectural intervention using reclaimed and found materials from the vicinity. In the process he draws out a narrative that evokes the collective consciousness of the building; a visual reference that seeks to provoke thoughts about the location and its history.

Louise Bristow
Lousie Bristow

Peter Bobby
Peter Bobby

Rosalind Davis
Rosalind Davis

Rowena Mark
Rowena Easton and Mark C Hewitt

Rich White
Rich White

Jane Ward
Jane Ward 

HEAD SPACE: Join the artists for a discussion around the central themes in the ‘Floor Plan’ exhibition, and in particular, the interrelationship between psychology and architecture.
Wed 23 Sept 7 pm Free.

Facilitated by Zoe Whitley, curator of contemporary collections at the V&A.


5 Sept – 11 Oct 2009

Preview: Fri 4 Sept 6 – 8 pm

In the South Gallery

Taster Courses

New Works by Creative Arts Courses Tutors

Celebrating the launch of the new 2009 – 2010 arts courses programme, this exhibition demonstrates the expertise of our tutors who are successful professional practitioners in their fields. Includes sonic and video works, drawing, painting, illustration, performance and more.



31 Oct – 6 Dec 2009 Beatabet

Open: Wed – Sun, 11 am – 5 pm


Preview: 30 Oct, 6 – 8 pm

Performance Evenings:
14 Nov & 5 De
c, 7 – 11 pm


Beatabet invite you to try your luck at WIN! WIN! WIN! Enter a world of bureaucratic disorder and arcade amusements, where everyday experiences become funfair games and simple toys take on a menacing air of authority.

Roll up to the Fortune Obscura and WIN! your place in the “One World One Minute” hall of fame by re-mixing Brighton's fortunes past, pulled deep from the vaults of Screen Archive South East.

This highly interactive, multimedia exhibition is as much a game as it is a visit to a gallery, where one lucky visitor will be selected as “The Winner” and be treated to “The Prize”.

Take a ticket and start your journey through what will be a unique and memorable gallery experience.

The Beatabet collective, founded in 2002, is a dynamic coalition of over 40 artists who revel in the overlap between art, music, performance, improvisation and new media.

"The Beatabet Collective is an outrageously talented bunch of musicians, artists, dancers and film-makers hailing from Brighton. This tribe of renegades specialize in hosting alternative multimedia events in unusual venues." Bearded Magazine


Beatabit UK Film Council Fortune Factory Screen South


This exhibition is linked with WHITE NIGHT which takes place on Sat 24 Oct



20 Feb 4 Apr 2010 (dates tbc)


BeatabetCelebratory arts group Same Sky take up residence in the gallery to create a giant installation made up of a series of artworks based around various bodily systems. Bringing together artists and children from local primary schools, the exhibition provides a lively space for adventures into the inner workings of the human body.